Diabetes: Knowledge Is Power

Is This YOU?

  • Diabetic?
  • Have a family member that’s diabetic?
  • At risk for diabetes?
  • Obese or overweight?

I’m a family doctor in practice in northern Ohio.  A big part of my job is making sure my patients know all they should about their illnesses.  I created this website to extend that education to more people than those I can see in the office.

Click here to get my series of emails called “Diabetes:  30 Facts in 30 Days” and learn more about this disease. 

There’s no cost, it’s my gift to you to help you be as healthy as you possibly can be.  Take charge of your illness and give yourself the power of understanding.

You can start your day, every day for a month, with a little information about diabetes to go with your morning coffee.  After a month I guarantee you will feel more informed and confident in your knowledge about diabetes.

Teaching is one of the most important roles a doctor plays.  By teaching our patients about their illnesses we empower them to make better decisions and take better care of themselves.  I may not be YOUR doctor, but you can still benefit from my commitment to health education.

Read what others have to say:

“My best friend forwarded me your diabetes series as my husband has been an insulin dependent diabetic for 30 plus yrs.  I loved the short topics everyday. They were educational and fun to read!  Keep up the good work!”     Barb G.

“I really did learn a lot that I can use to help my husband with diabetes, but also some things that pertained to me, even though I don’t have diabetes.  Thank you for letting me take the trip with you for the past 30 days.  It was very informative.”    Jenny P.

“I really enjoyed your comments on diabetes. Well versed. I’m thrilled you are educating your patients about the difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes. Well written.”   Sherry H., the mom of a child with type 1 diabetes

“I really enjoyed getting the information about diabetes. It did change the way we both thought of it…   Thanks again for the information.  I also like that it came early in the morning I got to read it with my coffee.”   Barb N., the wife of a diabetes patient

Are you ready to learn more about diabetes and start taking charge?  Click here and enter your name and email to get started!

Good for you!

Dr. Jen


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