St. Barnabas LifeTeen Fundraiser

smiling woman in green blouse

Hello and welcome!

My name is Jennifer Wurst and I’m a proud and grateful LifeTeen mom. I’m also a family doctor and wellness advocate. My passion is helping people achieve great health, feeling good and living vibrant lives full of passion and purpose.

You may not be familiar with St. Barnabas’s LifeTeen youth ministry program. Billy Olson (like Francine Costantini before him) is a wonderful leader helping our teens grow closer to Christ and deepen their love of our Lord. It is critically important that our teens realize how much He loves and wants to be close to them, and how much our Church needs THEIR leadership and witness to their peers, their families and the world at large.

I’m sure you’re aware that since the COVID pandemic church donations have fallen dramatically. When you have an organization that depends so heavily on support from charitable donations the pinch is quickly felt. LifeTeen uses its funds to send teens to conferences like the National Catholic Youth Conference, leadership workshops like the LifeTeen Leadership Conference, and hosts two retreats per year for faith formation and Confirmation preparation. These things cost money.

Having seen the difference LifeTeen has made to my own family I felt a call to help raise money for this wonderful organization.

As part of my wellness business I help people set and achieve health goals like weight loss, stress relief, better sleep, more energy and physical fitness. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, I can help you meet it. One of the most important tools in my toolkit is nutrition products from the Shaklee Corporation.

For the month of February, I am holding a fundraiser for St. Barnabas LifeTeen. I am asking those with health goals they want to meet to set aside 15-20 minutes to speak with me on the phone. If you choose to make a purchase from me, I will donate 100% of my profit to St. Barnabas LifeTeen.

How can you reach me? That’s easy – my phone number is 216-224-3052. Please call or text me to set up a time to talk.

Let’s get you feeling healthier! Let’s crush those health goals in 2023 🙂

PS – Shaklee guarantees ALL purchases 100%. If you don’t get the results you want, you get your money back. And St. Barnabas LifeTeen will keep my donation from your purchase. So let’s talk!

PPS – If you already have great health or if you already have all the tools you need, that is such a blessing! Please consider making a monetary donation to LifeTeen to support our teens in their faith journey. Whether you can contribute or not, PLEASE pray for our teens and for the adults who minister to them.