Thanksgiving Flash Sale – Complete!






I’m sorry that you missed the flash sale!  However, Shaklee 180 is still a great value for those looking to lose or maintain weight.  Please feel free to browse my Shaklee 180 website here.

How familiar does this sound?  You KNOW you need to work on weight loss.  Every year at this time you think, “I’ll start on New Year’s Day.”  With that decision made, you feel free to overeat and indulge in sweet treats and junk food until then.

Then New Year’s rolls around and guess what?  You’re 5, 10 or even 15 pounds heavier than you were on Thanksgiving!  WHY do we do this to ourselves?!

A big part of my mission in medicine is to help people lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight.  Part of that is helping you learn to navigate the holidays without the typical weight gain.

I created this page a while back to explain more about the Shaklee 180 weight loss plan.  Please go check it out if you’re not familiar with Shaklee 180 and how it works!

Here are your options with Shaklee 180:

  • Turnaround Kit:  If you have more than about 15 lbs to lose, this is the kit you want. This kit will help you begin your weight loss journey even while dealing with the holidays.  It includes 2 meal replacements per day, Energy Tea, Metabolic Boost to support your metabolism, and a box of snack bars.
  • Vitalizing Plan:  If you are simply looking to avoid weight gain this holiday season this kit will do the job.  Vitalizer is a complete nutritional supplement program with different formulations tailored to men, women, and seniors.  One meal replacement shake daily provides protein, supports muscle mass and tastes great.
  • Life Shake Family Plan:  If what you want is a shake per day for yourself and one other person, or two per day for yourself, this kit is for you.

If you’re not already a member of my Shaklee family, all three of these kits include your membership for free.

Don’t wait until after New Year’s Day to get started achieving your weight loss goals!  Don’t dig the hole deeper over the next 5 weeks!  Click here to choose your plan.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Here’s to your success!