Choosing A Network Marketing Company

Okay, so you’ve decided you’re going to start a home-based business.  You have picked a great product.  It’s consumable and unique.  It has a large and growing market.  It is expected to remain in demand for years to come.  And best of all, it truly makes people’s lives better.

So how do you go about choosing a network marketing company?  There are SOO many out there!  Suppose you want to sell skin care products.  Everybody and their mother has an Avon lady and a Mary Kay lady (or two or three) that they know.  There are numerous companies out there for just about every possible type of product.

Well, first of all, DON’T go to Google.  Just about every company out there has negative reviews.  Anybody who is a disgruntled former distributor can put out a negative review.  It’s impossible to know whether the reviewer has a legitimate complaint about the company or if they just couldn’t make a go of entrepreneurship and they’re looking for someone to blame.

Here are three things to consider when choosing a company.

1.  Who will be your sponsor?

When I sponsor a new businessperson in my company, it is a significant commitment and investment I’m making.  When I joined with Donna as MY sponsor, we already had a great friendship and knew we enjoyed working together.  We have built our businesses in different ways but always in partnership, learning from and leaning on each other.

Do you know someone who has a thriving business selling the type of product you’d like to sell?  Do they love their business?  Do they have good people skills?  Are they organized?  Do they return phone calls?  Most importantly, are they someone you would like to spend a LOT of time with?

People who are actively working to build a business with me as their sponsor hear from me A LOT.  We work closely together, hold meetings together, work on training together, etc.  There is a lot of coaching involved!  PLEASE do not join a company without a sponsor that you consider a friend and role model.  You may very well leave your sponsor in the dust, income-wise, but at the beginning you have to learn the basics, and that takes time and effort.  You will not learn well if you’re learning from someone you don’t like.

2.  Better Business Bureau

Go to the Better Business Bureau website and enter the city and state where your prospective company is headquartered.  Then enter the name of the company, and check out their profile.  Don’t just check their rating.  See what types of complaints the BBB has received, and how they were handled.  It’s very illuminating to see how companies handle complaints!

3.  Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission handles allegations of improper trade practices.  For instance, if a company makes unrealistic claims about the income a new business person can expect, complaints are investigated by the FTC.  Also, improper advertising, marketing, or product claims are handled by the FTC.

Go to the FTC website and search on the name of the company you’re considering joining.  Hopefully no investigations or federal actions come up on the search!

So now you’ve decided what type of unique, consumable, popular product you’re going to sell.  You have a sponsor that you like and respect, and clean reports from the BBB and the FTC.  Now it’s time to REALLY get to work!