Referral Rewards Program

The most awesome client family in the world deserves an awesome rewards program!  (Pssst…  That’s you :-))

I’m looking for MORE people who need what Shaklee has to offer, so I decided to start a referral rewards program to give YOU a treat when you give ME what I need to grow my business:  more people to help!

The next time someone you know is complaining that they don’t feel good, they’re tired all the time, they can’t lose weight, their joints hurt, or they just don’t know what vitamins they should take, ask them if they want to talk to somebody who can help them.  Then give them my number or email.

We’ll get to work figuring out what’s wrong and how we can get them feeling better.  Then when they make their first purchase YOU’LL get a reward too!  Here are the reward choices (pick which one you want):

  1. A bottle of the Vita Lea multivitamin appropriate for them/you
  2. A bottle of Stress Relief Complex
  3. A box of Meal-in-a-Bars

If you want to be extra sure you get the reward, send me your friend’s contact information.  I’ll try to catch up with them as well.  People get busy and even though most people want to feel well, life definitely gets in the way.

I don’t think I say it often enough, but thank you so much for trusting me with your health and that of your friends and family!  You all mean the world to me!


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