What’s A Mom Worth?

Have you ever thought about how much your Mom is worth?  More importantly, do you know what YOU are worth if you’re a Mom?  Well, I went to Craigslist to find out.

1.  Housekeeper – $10/hour.  I’d guess most Moms spend at least 10 hours/week cleaning up after their families.  So $100/week.

2.  Chauffeur – seems to be a closely guarded secret, but I saw one ad offering $10-$12/hour.  If you drive your kids to and from school, estimate 30 minutes per trip, say 5 hours/week.  $50/week.

3.  Babysitter – now you don’t babysit your OWN kids but if both parents work you sure have to get somebody to watch them.  Before-and-after school daycare for school-age kids averages $100/week per child.  Average 2 kids per family.  $200/week.  (Much more for younger kids.)

4.  Chef – also seems to be a secret, but line cooks seem to make about $10/hour plus tips (sometimes).  Preparing meals for my family would take 5-10 hours/week (if we didn’t eat out, LOL).  Say $75/week.

5.  Laundry – $11/hour in ONE posting.  Washing, drying, folding and putting away for a family of four probably takes 2-3 hours/week, say $25/week.

6.  Miscellaneous – Coach, cheerleader, counselor, teacher, nurse, alarm clock, and general kick-in-the-butt-provider must be worth at least another $50/week!

Add all this up and you get $500/week (at least!) of work performed.  If Mom works outside the home, then I bet a good chunk of this work gets done by Dad.  (However, he has his OWN special day coming up next month, so he has to be patient!)

Mom is pretty valuable, huh?  I haven’t even mentioned all the stuff that moms do that isn’t covered by the above categories.  Seasonal work like landscaping and snow removal.  Wardrobe consultant.  Dance partner.  Teether (for those with babies in the gnawing-on-a-thumb stage).  Breastmilk supplier.  Hug dispenser.

Is it any wonder moms get tired?  One of the most common complaints Moms come to see me about is fatigue.  They are worn down with all the tasks they do for their families.  It’s hard for them to ask for help, so they keep pushing and pushing until they are exhausted, get sick, or get depressed.  Depression is probably the second most common problem I see in young moms.  The stress of juggling everything, plus not having enough time for themselves, gets to them after awhile.

Having a strong self-care routine is critical for Moms.  Exercising regularly releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones in the brain that fight stress and depression.  Eating right and taking a high-quality multivitamin keeps your body strong and healthy.  Regular date nights help keep your relationship with your mate strong and healthy too.  Getting good sleep keeps you energized all day long.  Doing things you enjoy, with grown-up friends, keeps you plugged into the grown-up world.

Since we’ve established that Moms are worth an awful lot, it makes sense to invest in Mom’s health and well-being.  For Mother’s Day, why not encourage Mom to take some time off?  Treat her to a coupon for a spa day.  Plan a weekend away or a night out with friends.  If you know Mom is struggling with fatigue, encourage her to get a checkup with her doctor.  Invest in some high-quality vitamin supplements for her.  Remember, she’s a valuable member of your team and deserves some TLC!

Most of all, make sure that you let her know often how much you appreciate her.  If you can, please call and talk to your Mom this weekend and thank her for everything she’s done and continues to do for you.  No matter how old we get, we’ll always need our Mom!

Question – Do you think my estimate of $500/week for “Mom-ing” is too low or too high?  Comment below!


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