Weight Loss: What To Do First?

Hi, everybody!  I’m starting a short series about weight loss, since I’ve been talking a lot about it in the office this week.

OK, so you want to lose weight?  What’s the very first thing you should do?  Do you research weight loss programs?  Go shopping for clothes in the next size down?  Throw away all the junk food in the house?


The very first thing you need to do is COMMIT to losing weight.  The act of making a decision and committing to seeing it through changes the way you think.  It alters hormones and chemicals in the brain.  Commitment makes success more likely.

It’s not “I wish I could lose weight.”  It’s not even “I’m going to TRY to lose weight.”

It’s “I’m going to lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving.”

Make sure your initial commitment is a doable goal, reachable in a set amount of time.  It increases confidence and makes it more likely that you will stick with it during tough days.  If you set a very aggressive goal, it’s easier to say “I couldn’t have done it anyway,” and give up.

After you’ve chosen a weight loss goal and committed to achieving it, what’s next?

Next you have to DECLARE your commitment.

If you keep your goal to yourself and don’t share it with friends and family members, only you will know if you don’t reach your goal.  Sharing it with others makes it much harder to give up.

Also, if you tell others about your goal you may inspire others to start THEIR weight loss journey with you.  It’s much easier to walk the weight loss path if others are walking with you.  Those who do not have a goal to lose weight are likely to provide lots of support and encouragement as well.

If you need and want to lose weight, here are your very first steps:

1.  COMMIT   Decide to lose weight.  Chose an initial goal and make it doable and realistic.  One example would be 10 pounds in 3 months.  Remember that weight loss is a long, slow journey and 1 pound per week is a healthy target.  Fat loss goes slow!  Then when you reach your goal you can set a new goal for the next step of the journey.

2.  DECLARE  First write your goal down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror where you can see it every morning.  Then read it OUT LOUD.  Sounds silly, but speaking aloud activates different centers of the brain than silent thinking.  Tell close friends and family members about your weight loss goal.  Give them the opportunity to support you.  Also, you may well inspire others to start their own weight loss journey.  Health is contagious!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to continue to share other steps in the weight loss journey.

So here’s my declaration:  Two weeks ago I committed to losing ten pounds of fat over the next 90 days.  I have lost 1 pound so far and am very proud of my success!

QUESTION:  Do you have a weight loss goal?  Here’s your chance:  DECLARE it in the comments below and let us support you!


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