Weight Loss: Choosing a Program

So now you have committed to weight loss. You decided how MUCH you are going to lose and you declared it to friends and family.

Now what?

Now you have to choose a weight-loss program.

There are lots of weight-loss programs to choose from and for the most part they ALL work. Whether they will work for YOU however is another question.

Do you want a program for rapid weight loss? Do you want a program that provides slow and steady weight loss?

Are you super busy and looking for convenient meal options? Do you love to cook? Are you interested in guidance about portion control and meal planning?

Do you have food sensitivities? Are you sensitive to artificial preservatives, sweeteners and flavors? All these questions have bearing on your choice of weight-loss program.

In my experience there are two types of Losers. (Thats my affectionate term for folks working on weight loss).

One type is those who adore food and love to cook, and just need help with portion control and substituting healthier ingredients. They don’t want any type of prepackaged or convenience food, they cook all their meals themselves at home. This type of Loser does very well with a program like Weight Watchers.

Then there’s the rest of us. We lead busy lives. We sometimes need a quick and convenient meal option.

I do medically supervised weight loss. I have seen and heard about nearly every program out there. In fact I’ve tried a few of them myself. Atkins, South Beach, SlimFast, protein sparing modified fast. Β In my experience there are three things to watch out for in weight loss programs.

1. Mysterious ingredients: if you can’t find the list of ingredients or its a “proprietary blend” that’s so secret they won’t tell you what’s in the product, think twice about it. Remember, the FDA doesn’t regulate dietary supplements so let the buyer beware.

2. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Devices and products that “melt away fat while you continue to eat whatever you want” are not generally worth wasting your money. Remember, if weight loss was easy no one would be overweight.

3. Carefully look for artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats and other chemicals. No one is quite sure how those lab-created substances affect the human body in the long term. For instance it’s recently been shown that aspartame and sucralose raise blood insulin levels just like sugar does. We have known for a long time that diet soda does not promote weight loss. Now we know why πŸ™‚

Now I can hear you asking “So Dr. Jen, what program do YOU recommend?” I recommend (and use myself) the Shaklee 180 program. Busy people rejoice! A program that is simple and effective with products that taste good is available πŸ™‚

QUESTION:Β  What one thing would be most important for you in choosing a weight loss program?


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss: Choosing a Program

  1. Hi Dr Jen,

    I am really impressed with the way you presented your writings.

    I am from Malaysia and same thing I would like to increase the health awareness among the people here.

    I have been using this Shaklee products and I think I would be suggesting the same thing as what you mentioned earlier.

    However the hurdle that I may get is I am not a practical doctor, so sometimes it is hard for people to take what I say. After all, I guess I have done my part.

    I like following your writing.

    • Thank you Iskandar! I enjoy writing and it’s always good to know someone out there is listening πŸ™‚ So nice to hear from someone so far away, but still part of our Shaklee family. Keep on sharing, and helping others to live the healthiest life they can.

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