Viva Las Vegas!

Well I’m on my way home Sunday from an amazing conference here in Las Vegas. It’s obvious how much time and effort the Shaklee home office leadership and staff have put into making it a wonderful experience for us attendees. So many amazing stories, so many emotional moments, such great training packed into four short days.

The challenge in the coming year is to maintain the excitement, energy and focus of the conference in the weeks and months ahead.  I want to continue concentrating on all the chances I have to help people with Shaklee’s products and business opportunity while still providing excellent quality medical care to my patients and leadership for my staff and NPs.  Not to mention continuing to be an awesome mom for two small boys and a loving supportive wife to a husband with cancer. I guess it’s a good thing I have Merry Maids 🙂

As I return home to my normal routine I’m going to try not to get bogged down in the little details of everyday life and keep the long view. Life is measured in the moments, and I treasure those moments when I can really make a difference to somebody. The humbling experience of having to tell someone they have leukemia but then seeing them realize they’re not facing it alone.  Making frequent check-ins with a mom whose baby may or may not have a serious illness.  Hearing my patient tell me Shaklee’s stres relief product made her feel like herself again.

Making lives better is what it’s all about, guys and gals. I promise I’m going to make it my priority to help you find what will make your life better and do what I can to make it happen. Then next year in Nashville I will have some awesome stories of my own to share!



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  1. Jen,

    Thanks for sharing. I too , experienced the Shaklee conference and am overwhelmed with the “caring about people”, “changing lives” that radiates from the Shaklee people — people like you and me who are making a REAL difference in the world — one person at a time. AND we get paid BEAUCOUP!!! for caring about people??? It’s unbelievable. I have finally found a place with absolute integrity to work —- a place I will spend the rest of my life “making a difference.” Safe travel to you and your family —- Mary Kinley

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