The Doctor Goes To Vegas

Hey there, this is Dr. Jen reporting live from Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m here for Shaklee’s annual global conference. Some glaringly obvious impressions are begging me to elaborate, so here goes.

Many of you know I was in China in June. I was impressed at that time with how fit and active the Chinese people are, as a general rule. Everyone walks or rides a bicycle to get from place to place.  There are stairs everywhere (with real estate at a premium everyone builds UP). Escalators and elevators are pretty much reserved for areas that are upscale and cater heavily to foreigners. I saw very few overweight Chinese, NO obese Chinese, and most of the Chinese I saw were downright skinny by Western standards.

Now I’m in Las Vegas. The contrast is very interesting, to say the least.  There are stairs, but I see lines of people waiting to board escalators for 1-2 flights up OR DOWN!  There are “people movers” which allow you to stand in one place and the sidewalk will slowly move for you.   There are little trains to take you up and down the strip so you don’t have to walk. Granted, it was 112 degrees today so I spent very little time outside, but still.

I don’t think it’s much of a mystery why Americans are fat and getting fatter. We don’t move enough. (We also eat too much, but that’s a topic for another day.)  I have vowed for the rest of my time in Vegas I will not use an escalator (if stairs are available) or people mover.  I can’t control what others do but I’m going to do a little extra for my own health while I’m here.

Russ says good for me. I suspect he and the boys will be cheering me on from the “magic sidewalk.”


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  1. love this, I totally agree, that’s why they can eat so much rice because they actively burn it off. What is wrong with us, maybe Americans have too many luxuries!(yes, I too am guilty of riding those moving sidewalks)

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