Dr. Jen’s Teddy Bear Hospital

Once upon a time, there was a teddy bear.

His name is Dr. Theodore Brown (AKA Dr. Ted) and he is a very well respected and distinguished doctor in the teddy bear community.

Unfortunately he had several patients who needed even more expertise.  So he came to his friend who is a people doctor in the human world.

I told Dr. Ted that because I’m a people doctor I wasn’t sure how to help his bear patients, but that I knew where we could find some exceptional teddy bear doctors.

Dr. Ted and I brought our patients to the Broadview Heights Home Days and immediately went in search of doctors to treat our patients!

In about five hours we had about 30 doctors attempt to treat our patients.  That was awesome!  Here are pictures of some of our young doctors:

Even my own young doctor-in-training couldn’t resist the lure of sick and injured teddy bears!

Several moms posted pictures of their little healers on my Facebook page!

If you’re in the southern Cuyahoga County area, please feel free to stop by Broadview Heights Home Days and bring your little ones.

Home Days hours are 3-11 Saturday and Sunday, but I have a scheduling conflict so I will only be there after 7 PM Saturday.  However, I’ll be there all day Sunday!

You can find the teddy bear hospital next to the Legion of Terror (Bloodview Haunted House’s Lions Club volunteers) and two booths down from the DJ.  We have great music, but sometimes it’s a little loud 🙂

While the little ones are healing the teddies, UH Parma‘s community health nurses are checking grownups’ blood pressure.  The nurses are great at giving our young doctors an assist too!

Dr. Ted reports that his teddy bear patients are resting comfortably at home, much improved after the expert care they received at our hospital.  He wanted me to thank everyone for the good wishes and the excellent medical care!

He tells me that there are several other bears that aren’t quite feeling well, and he wants to bring them out this weekend.  Do you know any children with the healing touch?  We could sure use their help!  Hope to see you soon!


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