Staying On Track At Special Events

Hi, everybody!  I’m writing from Roseville, California this weekend.  My cousin got married last night!  As I was thinking of topics for this weekend’s post it occurred to me that we often have a hard time with weight control this time of year.  It’s tough staying on track at special events!

Do you find wedding season a challenge?  Graduations, weddings, first communions, all these joyous occasions seem to have big potential to throw our weight loss efforts off track.  Here are some suggestions for keeping your momentum at special events.

1.  Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated will both combat cravings and hunger AND keep your energy up.  Whether you’re traveling or spending time with friends it’s easy to lose track of your water intake.  Carry a water bottle with you and sip on it all day.  Watch your urine color – light yellow or clear is good, dark yellow means your body needs more water.

2.  Load up on healthy foods

At the buffet make sure more than half your plate is full of healthy options.  It’s OK to indulge a little but filling your plate with roasted vegetables and a green salad before adding higher-calorie items will help crowd out the foods that will derail your weight loss efforts.

3.  Share the dessert

Sweet treats are part of special events!  Just don’t go back for seconds and thirds!  If there is an enormous piece of cheesecake calling your name, split it with a friend so you each can enjoy without piling on the calories.

4.  Watch the alcohol

A pint of beer can contain upwards of 200 calories, depending on the type.  Needless to say, those calories can add up quickly if you’re not mindful of how much you’re drinking.  Wine has about 125 calories per 5-oz glass, and mixed drinks can be VERY expensive in terms of calorie intake.

5.  Work it out on the dance floor

Dancing is great exercise!  According to, a 160-lb person burns about 170 calories in 30 minutes of social dancing.  While that may not sound like much, it all adds up.  And dancing releases endorphins to make you happy!  Not to mention all the photo ops, LOL!

The spring and summer wedding season brings some challenges for those of us working on weight loss but it doesn’t have to derail our efforts.  Be sensible, stay active, and have fun!


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