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Ow.  I just tested for purple belt in Goshin Jujutsu.  Having studied martial arts for well over half my life, the fatigue and muscle soreness after testing are not a new experience for me.  I also know from personal experience how important sports nutrition is and how it can improve performance and shorten recovery time.

This is fair warning – I’m going to talk about Shaklee products in this post.  If you’re not an athlete, are not concerned about optimizing your athletic performance or increasing the gains you get in endurance and muscle strength from exercise, or don’t want to read about Shaklee nutritional supplements, STOP reading now.

When you are training for an endurance athletic event several things are crucial.  Believe me, if you don’t believe a martial arts promotion test is an endurance event, you’ve never participated in one!  Obviously, eating right, getting plenty of rest and staying well hydrated are very important.  What else can we do to optimize our performance as athletes?

I’m a big believer in having a strong basic daily nutrition regimen.  In addition to eating right, for me that includes Shaklee’s Life Plan daily.  In the past I have used the Vitalizing Plan (before the Life Plan was introduced) and that worked well too.  I have patients who use the Essentials Plan for a more economical approach.  I recommend a multivitamin, B complex (for energy and stress), Vitamin C (for tissue recovery – it’s needed for collagen synthesis), probiotics to support digestion and immunity, omega-3 fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory effects, and high-quality protein for muscle building and energy.

Nutritional measures are helpful before, during and after an athletic event to improve performance and shorten recovery time.  Olympic athletes know this very well, and more than 50 Olympic athletes have won over 120 medals while using Shaklee products to power their training and performance.  Here’s a short video about the Shaklee Pure Performance Olympic athletic team (only 90 seconds but great information!).

What products helped me during my test today?  I started with Energizing Tea (although the Energy Chews work great too for a boost before exercise) and used Performance hydration drink during the test.  Performance hydrates better than water, maintains energy and optimal blood sugar during exercise better than water, and doesn’t promote the formation of kidney stones like the leading sports electrolyte drink does.

After exercise it’s important to get both protein and carbohydrates to your muscles to optimize strength and stamina gains.  Also, if you don’t give your body protein and carbohydrates within about 45 minutes after exercise, you’re more likely to see your metabolism drop.  Your body goes into “famine mode” and that’s really going to short-circuit efforts to lose weight.

Shaklee has a number of options for recovery.  Physique is specifically made to be used after exercise.  A carefully designed blend of whey protein and carbohydrate gives the muscles what they need to recover quickly and improve in strength.  I don’t use dairy (whey protein is from milk) so I use Life Shake for my recovery protein.  Four yummy flavors, both soy and non-soy plant-based protein options, Life Shake is part of my diet every day.

If you’re an athlete, whether in serious training or just for fun, consider adding nutritional support to your regimen to improve your performance.  Basic nutrition to start, then targeted products to optimize your training.  You will see better baseline health, better performance during exercise and quicker recovery afterwards.  Watch this short video, click on the links to see more information about the products mentioned above, or email me at for more information.

QUESTION:  What is your favorite form of exercise?  Do you use nutritional products to improve your performance and recovery?


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