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Obesity is probably the most important health threat facing Americans today.  It is increasing both in frequency and severity by leaps and bounds.  Children are obese at a greater rate than ever before.  The risks of the two top killers of Americans (vascular disease and cancer) are dramatically increased by obesity.  More people need help losing and maintaining their weight than ever before!

Why is it so hard to lose and maintain weight?¬† There are lots of reasons but they all boil down to two simple truths:¬† we eat too much and don’t move enough.¬† Sadly most obese people are actually UNDERNOURISHED.¬† They have low blood levels of important vitamins and nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.¬† They eat very¬†few fruits and vegetables and¬†survive mostly on highly processed and preservative-loaded convenience foods.

Obese people don’t feel good.¬† They have low energy and lots of joint and muscle pain.¬† They generally experience poor sleep (including obstructive sleep apnea) and suffer with stress and poor self-image.¬† They experience very real discrimination (imagine flying on a plane!) both as employees and as customers.

How can Shaklee help people who need to lose weight?¬† First of all by reassuring them that they’re not alone.¬† There is a whole support system in place through the¬†Shaklee 180¬†Program to help provide feedback, recipes and a community of others all working through the same process.

Shaklee 180 is a scientifically-proven meal-replacement weight loss program that provides tasty shakes, bars and snacks enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals.  There is a vitamin tablet that has green tea extract (among other things) which increases the metabolism to help you burn more calories per day.  Best of all, the meal and snack products are enriched with leucine, an amino acid scientifically proven to protect against loss of muscle mass.  This is critical to avoid the yo-yo phenomenon.  One pound of muscle burns 50 calories every day whether you use it or not.  If you lose muscle as you lose weight, your metabolism decreases and it gets harder and harder to lose and then easier and easier to gain it back.  Sound familiar?

In 2015 Shaklee reformulated the Shaklee 180 smoothees and created the Life Shakes, then in 2018 they were reformulated AGAIN to have no added sugar!.¬† Still great tasting, full of non-GMO plant based protein, enriched with leucine, low-glycemic and gluten-free, they are better than ever!¬† They come in both soy and non-soy options.¬† They have added omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil AND a special fiber blend to be easy on the digestion and support the healthy bacteria in your gut.¬† They are TWO WW points per serving ūüôā

Want more information?¬† Shaklee TV has a bunch of videos to support you in your weight loss journey.¬† Check this website to see!¬† Here’s one to watch right now!

I invite you to check my Shaklee website to see the different flavors of shakes, bars and snacks available.¬†¬†To start¬†YOUR Shaklee¬†180 turnaround and see for yourself how much better a healthier, slimmer body feels, please email me at drjen@jenniferwurstmd.com and let’s talk!