Please read this for my reasons for recommending routine supplementation and this for my reasons for choosing Shaklee.

Many folks suffer with migraine, myself included, and nutrition plays an enormous part.  There are a number of scientific studies out there exploring the role of nutrition in migraine.  Let me review the most commonly recommended supplements useful in those who suffer with migraine.

First of all, a high-quality multivitamin is extremely important.  I have seen young women report their migraines vanished within a few days of starting Shaklee’s multivitamin for women of childbearing age.  Please check here for the multivitamin recommended for your age and gender.

Several studies have shown that high-dose B vitamin supplementation is helpful in migraine.  Much higher doses are required than one would normally get from a multivitamin alone, so an extra B vitamin is a good addition.  Make sure the one you choose has all 8 B vitamins.  Biotin is often missing (because it’s very expensive) but it’s very important so make sure your supplement has 100% of the US RDA of ALL 8 B vitamins.

Magnesium is also very helpful in migraine.  Magnesium unfortunately has a side effect that can be unpleasant.  You’ve all heard of Milk of Magnesia, right?  Yup, I’m talking about diarrhea.  Extended-release magnesium tablets are recommended for routine use to try to minimize that side effect.

Many women note that their migraines are tied to their menstrual cycle.  Oral contraceptive pills can either worsen or relieve this type of migraine.  GLA (gamma linolenic acid) can relieve many unpleasant symptoms of the menstrual cycle including irritability/PMS, migraine, pelvic cramps and breast tenderness.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the effect that stress has on migraine.  I can tell you from personal experience that stress has a huge impact on frequency and severity of migraine.  Stress management is very helpful, as are supplements that reduce stress.

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