Children And Teens

Please read this for my reasons for recommending routine supplementation and this for my reasons for choosing Shaklee.

Kids are often picky eaters!  I often explain to parents that it can take an average of EIGHT tries before a new food is accepted. Does your child go on food jags where he won’t eat anything but macaroni and cheese for days on end?  Or suddenly decide a food she previously accepted is the worst food in the world?

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone.  Most kids in America have a less-than-ideal diet. Families are busier than ever, more and more meals are eaten at restaurants and the vegetable most commonly served to children is the French fry. Sigh.  Many teenagers are so busy with sports and other activities that they find eating right a real challenge.

Because of this reality and because of the declining quality of the American food supply, I recommend that everyone, including toddlers, take a multivitamin every day. Kids’ chewable multivitamins take many forms, from Gummy vitamins to Flintstones.  Whichever you choose, make sure they aren’t sugary or loaded with preservatives, artificial colors or artificial sweeteners.  They must contain iron and should contain 100% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of all 8 B-vitamins. The B’s work as a team and just as a baseball team doesn’t function without the catcher the B’s don’t work unless they’re all up to full strength.

You also might consider a DHA supplement. DHA is an omega fatty acid found in fish oil.  It has been linked to improved brain development and function in infants and toddlers.  There’s some evidence it helps kids with ADHD. It is routinely given to pregnant women in their prenatal vitamins and almost all infant formulas contain lots of it (that’s the “Lipil” in Enfamil Lipil).  Just because your child has outgrown formula doesn’t mean she doesn’t need DHA. Children’s brains grow and develop very rapidly.

What kind of water is your family drinking? Tap water? Bottled water? Filtered water?  If she’s drinking tap or filtered water please check with the EPA for local contaminants and use a filter that removes them.  If you use bottled water be aware that it doesn’t contain fluoride for healthy teeth.  Also consider that all those bottles have to go somewhere, usually into the landfill. Tabletop pitcher filters are an economical choice and Shaklee’s Get Clean Water system removes lead (one of the only pitcher filters that does) and filters twice as much water per filter as the leading store brands.

My recommendations:

  • Incredivites  Please note, up to 4 years only ONE tablet daily.
  • Mighty Smart Choice Please note, up to 4 years only 1/2 chew daily.
  • Vita Lea Women  For kids that can swallow pills, ONE tablet daily up to age 12 then TWO tablets daily.  Guys need iron until they stop growing at about age 20, and girls need it until they stop having menstrual periods.
  • OmegaGuard  One capsule daily for brain function and development.  In spite of what your teen thinks, his/her brain ain’t done growing yet 😉
  • Get Clean Water

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