Shaklee Newsletter Archive

February 2014 – Fatigue, winter blues, Zumba, and controlling cholesterol.

January 2014 – More Shaklee 180!  Also a reprint of an article about thyroid disease from the blog.

December 2013 – Shaklee 180.  Also fill out the Client Survey and get a free gift!

November 2013 – Get Clean Year of Water, Get Clean Starter Kit

October 2013 – Joint Health Complex, Pain Relief Complex, Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream.  Just the thing for aches and pains from cooler weather!

September 2013 – First issue of News For Health Nuts!

July 2013 – OptiFlora probiotics, Enfuselle skin care, Get Clean Water

June 2013 – Multivitamins, Vitalizer, GLA complex, Calming Complex

May 2013 – Stress Relief Complex, Menopause Balance Complex, Saw Palmetto, Desert Wind Antiperspirant

April 2013 – Get Clean Nontoxic Cleaning Product Line

March 2013 – Lecithin, Zinc, Herbal Blend Multi-Purpose Cream

February 2013 – CoQHeart, Fiber Plan (tablets and unflavored powder), Fiber Advantage Bars, Garlic Complex

January 2013 – Shaklee 180, Joint Health Complex, Glucose Regulation Complex

December 2012 – Vivix, Stomach Soothing Complex, Enfuselle Hand and Body Lotion, Enfuselle Spa Shea Butter Cream, Herbal Blend Multi Purpose Cream

November 2012 – OsteoMatrix, FlavoMax, CarotoMax, Vita-E, Vita-E Complex 

October 2012 – New Cinch Crisps, Cinch Program, Sports Nutrition

September 2012 – NutriFeron, Basic G, Mighty Smart, Eye Makeup Remover

August 2012 – Alfalfa, Iron Plus C, Acne Clarifying Complex


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