Ready For A Great Year!

Here comes 2013!  Buckle up everybody because it’s gonna be awesome!

I have big business plans for 2013.  Here are a few things in store for my patients, friends and especially my Shaklee family:

  1. Referral Rewards Program to give those who send friends and family to me for supplement advice a reward.
  2. A fun event on Saturday, February 9th to kick off the healthiest year yet!  We will be meeting at a local fitness center, having a catered breakfast and lunch, getting sweaty and having fun learning more about how to be fit, and exercising our minds with talks about healthy eating and exercise.  There will be prizes and special rewards too!  Watch your email, snail-mail box and Facebook for details SOON!  It should fill up fast so plan to reserve your spot quick.
  3. I am still hunting for people who want to claim more time and money independence by launching their Shaklee business.  I’ve been very blessed and very successful, have a large family of clients and (I think) know a lot about how to take good care of customers.  I’m looking for somebody to teach those skills to.  Can you see yourself in your own business, setting your own hours and taking back time for family commitments and just to spend how YOU choose?  Check here then give me a call!
  4. State Road Family Practice is looking to expand our evening office hours and add an urgent care site early in the New Year.  We’re so busy (I’m sure many of you noticed!) that we just can’t shoehorn all you folks into the schedule anymore!  So we need to expand.  What a great problem to have 🙂  Stay tuned!

These are just a few of the fun and exciting things I know are coming up.  The best part is that I’m sure MORE fun and exciting stuff will happen in 2013 that we can’t even anticipate.  Can’t wait!

What about you?  What exciting things might happen for you in 2013?  Will you make a commitment to lose weight?  Will you set a fitness goal like running your first 5K or learning to rock-climb?  Are you going back to school or expecting to graduate with your degree?  Are you planning a wedding?  Hoping to add to your family with a new baby or a new pet?  Expanding your business, changing jobs, buying or selling a house or sending a child off to college?  Leave a comment letting me know what big plans you’ve got, I’ll break out the pompoms and start cheering you on!

Here’s to 2013!


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