A New Face At State Road

Here at the end of 2013 I wanted to talk about a big transition we’ve had at the office.  Those of you who have been in to see me in the last few weeks know that Amanda is not working at State Road anymore.  She decided to move on and is now working at Southwest Family Practice.  We all miss sweet Amanda very much and wish her all the best in her new job and with her new hubby, Brandon!  He’s pretty well housebroken but I’m sure they will find all sorts of new challenges with their brand-new marriage <3

I miss my Amanda.  I know it’s normal to have an adjustment period when staff turnover occurs.  The nearest thing I can compare it to is when I sprained my wrist and had to wear a brace for a while.  It was my left wrist, not my writing hand, but it’s amazing how many little things you do without thinking about it.  I find myself poking my head out the door and it’s on the tip of my tongue to call “Maaaaanda?”  And stopping then calling for Jax, who always seems to be right around the corner when I need her.  How does she do that?  LOL!

My new assistant is actually a familiar face at State Road Family Practice.  Her name is Jackie Hoffman (AKA “Jax”).  She and her family have been patients of ours for a long time.  She is a nurse and has stepped right up!  She’s very bright, great with patients and doesn’t spook easily.  At the end of the year and with my busy schedule that’s a very important quality!

Shhh… Don’t tell her but I’ve eavesdropped on her half of conversations with patients and she does a great job conveying test results and handling questions she’s qualified to handle.  Very impressed!  I’m blessed to have her as my new assistant, and State Road is blessed to have a new staff member who is smart, a quick learner and supportive of coworkers.

Jax and I will be fine, we’re just both figuring each other out.  I bet Amanda is going through the same thing with her new doc.  Just takes time.  I wanted you all to know a little about Jax and not be surprised when you come in.  Please make her feel welcome!

I learned something about Jax today:  she makes a terrific pot of coffee, rich and strong.  (Another staff member’s coffee is affectionately referred to as “sludge.”)  It got us both moving faster which was awesome because we had a blue-light special on respiratory infections today.

Something else I learned:  Jax moves fast when she needs to.  She assisted both me and Donna because Donna’s assistant called in sick.  She rocked it!

Here’s a great pic of Jax (in the middle) with her mom and sister:


QUESTION:  Would you like to share something with Jax that you think she should know about working at State Road (or with me specifically)?  I will pass the messages along!


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  1. Jen’s a great doctor and a fabulous daughter-in-law. She’s able to explain things even to my hard headed husband that clams him down!

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