Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Have you ever been to Kentucky?  Around Lexington are beautiful green rolling hills, with clean white fences outlining paddocks full of horses.

Have you ever seen a jump competition?  Horses can jump fences while carrying 200-lb humans on their backs.  Those fences around the horse paddocks are no obstacle at all.

Why don’t they jump out?  When a horse is just a foal, they’re tiny, and those fences are enormous.  They learn as babies that those fences are insurmountable.  They KNOW they can’t jump over them.  Then as they grow, they continue to KNOW they can’t jump those fences.

I see a lot of people that are like those horses.  They live inside fences that they have accepted as insurmountable obstacles. They’re not really happy with the way their life is going, but they just believe that nothing could ever change.

I work with a company started almost 60 years ago by a man who believed natural nutrition was the key to health.  He developed the first multivitamin preparation in the United States 100 years ago this year.  Nobody had ever done such a thing before.  100 years later, over 50% of adults in the United States takes a multivitamin.  That was a man who believed in NO boundaries.

Thomas Edison was a man who found 10,000 ways to make a light bulb that DIDN’T work.  He KNEW it could be done, he KNEW he was the man to do it, and he didn’t give up until he invented the electric light bulb.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man with a dream.  He believed it was possible for black people to be treated as equals to white people.  We haven’t succeeded in realizing his dream, but we are a lot closer to it than we would have been without his vision and leadership.

Steve Jobs was forced out of the company he started.  Years later he returned and took a dying company and turned it into the most powerful computer company in the world.

What about you?  What secret dream hides inside your heart?  What dream is so big and glorious it scares the pants off you when you daydream about it?

What’s holding you back?  Do you dream of starting a business but aren’t sure how to start?  Do you dream of training for a different career but feel stuck because of current commitments?  Do you want to change your diet but feel you can’t because you have to cook what your family wants to eat?  Do you dream of traveling but can’t because of your job or financial commitments?

Please do something for me.  Sit down in a quiet place and write down in words what you dream about doing.  Put your big, glorious, terrifying dream down in black and white.  Read it over and visualize it.  Dream the dream in all its glory, feel the joy and gratitude it will bring you.

Then, on the same piece of paper, write down all the reasons it CAN’T happen.  Every reason you can think of, from “not enough money” to “not enough training” to “I’m too old” to “my spouse won’t support me.”  Get them all down on paper.

Then really LOOK at each reason.  Is it a real reason or is it like those fences around the horse paddocks?  Have you made decisions not to pursue your big, scary, wonderful dream because of past experiences or things you were told in childhood?  Things that might not be true anymore, or maybe things that were NEVER true in the first place?

Guess what?  I believe in you.  I believe that there is a dream inside of you that will change other people’s lives for the better (not just YOUR life).  I believe that dream was put there by God for a reason, and that the Enemy is helping make those fences in your mind bigger and scarier than they really are.

I want you to live your dream.  I want you to live out God’s purpose for your life, not to succumb to the Enemy’s lies.  That big dream that is sleeping in your heart, waiting for you to grab it with both hands and run with it, may have the power to change the world.

Are you then next Gandhi, the next Steve Jobs, the next President of the USA?  I don’t know.  Are you?

QUESTION: I won’t ask you to tell me your dream here, that’s way too private (although I would be honored if you would email me and tell me).  But can you tell me one limiting belief that might be holding you back?  For example, “I can’t pursue my dream because I have to stay employed to keep my health insurance.”


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