I’ll Miss You, My Friend

This week I’d like to talk about purpose in life.  Everyone needs one.  Everyone needs to feel they make a difference to at least one other person.  Everyone needs to touch another and be touched in return.  When someone loses their purpose I believe they can die just from having no reason to keep living.

My friend Josie died this week.  She had a great and meaningful purpose in life, which took all her effort and filled her days:  caring for her beloved husband.  She was frequently overwhelmed and we all worried about her, but she seemed to thrive on making his days calm and peaceful.  Her husband had fairly advanced Alzheimer’s disease and they had no children.  Much of her family lived out of town.  So he had Josie, and she had him.

Recently Josie’s health took a turn for the worse and she wasn’t able to care for him anymore.  He was settled in one of our nursing homes with special accommodations for Alzheimer’s patients and actually transitioned very well.

Josie didn’t transition well at all.  Her health continued to deteriorate and after several weeks she died.  I believe she gave up, because she couldn’t do anymore what had given her such purpose in her life.  Now she is with God, and I pray she can see into the hearts of those who knew and loved her, and see how much we all admired her dedication and loving stubbornness.  She was an absolute bulldog who never gave up on her husband, and did everything in her power to see that he had what he needed.

I know one fellow in an Alzheimer’s program at a local nursing home who has a fierce guardian angel standing behind him.  We all will miss you Josie.  Rest well.  Any prayers for Josie’s peace would be much appreciated.


6 thoughts on “I’ll Miss You, My Friend

  1. God Bless you Josie for taking such good care of your husband, now GOD can take care of YOU.
    I will pray for your husband that he is in the best care, you will be looking over him, maybe come to him while he dreams so he knows you never left.
    God Bless xx

  2. Josie,
    It sounds like you were a real inspiration to others. I wish I would have
    known you. You sure lived out the true meaning of marriage. Something
    I think we can all learn from.

    May God be with you and your husband. Sounds like he could not have
    had a better wife.

  3. I hope my purpose is not tied up in one thing. Some of my patients who are home bound often are cared for by loved one such as Josie. That can make them home bound as well. There is agencies to help, especially for those loved ones to get out of the house, to go see friends, see a movie, or just a respite. Please have multiple purposes in life to keep you going!

  4. Wow…
    I can only hope someday, after I too have gone on to be with my Maker, that someone will reflect on my life and consider me to have been their “Josie”. That to me would be my greatest honor.

  5. What an honor to have a friend like Josie. Thank you for sharing Josie with all of us. Josie has inspired me today. Josie can keep impacting peoples lives . As you tell her story , she lives. I know you will miss her. May God hold all who know her in the palm of His hand in this difficult time.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a personal note. My thought and prayers are with all. and for most prayers and strength go out to her husband. I’m sure she is with him. things like this make one think, I to hope I touch as many . God Bless to all.

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