I Hate My Job!

No, not me ūüôā¬† I just seem to be having a theme this week.¬† Patients are coming in a lot with job stress, asking for help with managing it.¬† One patient is so stressed he needs to take a leave of absence to get a break.

I realize not everyone is as blessed as I am, to have a job so relaxing, easy and stress free ūüėȬ† I wanted to give everybody a couple of pointers if you are having problems with job stress.

It seems to me that you have three choices if your job is stressing you out:

  1. Put up with it.¬† Decide that your job is not your life, that it’s just the way you earn money to pay for the things you need and want.¬† Personally I think that you spend way too much time and effort at work to just “put up with it,” but many folks are able to grow thick skin, shrug off the annoyances and get on with getting the job done.
  2. Quit.¬† Unless you win the lottery, most people aren’t able to go without at least one job in the family.¬† So¬†unless the job is really intolerable or is making you sick, you won’t be able to walk away without having a backup plan.¬† You can investigate going back to school to retrain, or get new skills that will enable you to apply for a different position within your same company or a different company. ¬†You could look into a¬†side business¬†that can add income and potentially grow into your main occupation. ¬†Unfortunately right now the economy is such that in many segments of the workforce it’s really a “buyer’s market,” with many more people looking for work than there are jobs.
  3. Learn to look on the bright side.¬† This is how folks who are truly happy at work manage to get to and stay in that mental state.¬† Think about it:¬† you must like SOMETHING about your job, even if it’s just the paycheck at the end of the week.¬† Be thankful!¬† Do you like your coworkers?¬† Is your boss supportive?¬† Are you lucky enough to work from home or have flextime benefits?¬† Do you make a difference to others?¬† Enjoy and be grateful for the things you DO like about your job, and also be thankful that you HAVE one, because so many are out of work and suffering.

Obviously #3 is my recommendation.¬† I am not recommending that you not try to correct problems at work, such as talking to your boss about a difficult coworker or unsafe work conditions.¬† I am just saying that everybody has things they don’t like or would change about their job if they could.¬† If you are able to go to work every day thankful for the things you DO like and enjoy, it will go a long way toward improving your general outlook.

Remember the Serenity Prayer.¬† You must recognize¬†those things¬†you can’t change or impact, and have the¬†serenity to accept them.¬† However you CAN change and choose your focus, your attitude and your approach to your job.¬† Do you have the courage to try something new, and change¬†the way you think about¬†your job?

PS – Happy Thanksgiving everybody.¬† I’m very grateful for all of you ūüôā


One thought on “I Hate My Job!

  1. Jennifer, You have wonderful insight. Thanks for the clear message. I especially like the “Serenity Prayer” It’s what I awlays come back to when life is unmanageable and IT WORKS.

    Mary Kinley

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