God Help Them Help Us!

Hi everyone.  I have really struggled this week with my response to the election on Tuesday.  I wanted to share some thoughts with you, if you don’t mind.

First of all, for those who don’t know, I am a fiscal conservative with a strong libertarian lean.  Many small business entrepreneurs have similar tendencies.  I have major problems with the direction our country is headed.  I was not at all excited about the candidates offered, but not voting is unthinkably disrespectful to those who fought and died for our right to make our voices heard.  So I prayed and thought and researched, then cast my vote.

Tuesday night I watched the election returns until 10 PM, then had to go to bed.  And lay awake all night worrying and praying (and answering pages since I was on call).  I got up Wednesday and found some of my votes went with the majority and some very important votes did not.

Many people are angry about the election results, but I was actually a little afraid.  We can’t keep on the road we’re going on.  Government spending can’t continue to increase, there’s just not enough money moving around to tax it when we earn it, tax it when we spend it, tax it when we invest it AND tax it when we save it!  And those that we have elected seem to be content to keep the status quo while making empty promises to fix it “if only the other party will get out of the way.”

Someone I respect very much made a great Facebook post that we must not pray AGAINST our elected officials.  We must pray for their health and safety, for their focus to be on the good of the people while respecting the limits placed on them by those who founded this great nation.  So I pray that God will watch over and protect everyone that we have chosen to lead, to speak for and to serve us, that their hearts will be touched and their eyes opened to see the plan that God has for the next four years of our collective future.  I pray they will leave their egos outside when they step into the Capitol and remember why they were chosen:  to serve us.

Speaking of serving, I have made a decision that I will NOT be afraid anymore.  No matter who sleeps in the White House, my mission will not change.  I am here to help YOU make your life better, however I can help.  Whether that is by treating your medical problem, connecting you to the right specialist, listening, explaining, coaching, cheerleading or kicking you in the pants, nothing will get in the way of that.  I love what I do, and that call doesn’t answer to the government. 

Thanks so much for letting me share your journey with you, and for walking a little way with me.  We each have a mission, for which we were specially crafted.  I know what mine is.  What’s yours?


One thought on “God Help Them Help Us!

  1. I guess I really do not have a journey. The only thing I can think of is just be here , help people if I can just listen , comfort or be a friend. plain an simple live each day as it comes hope for the best do what needs to be done and thank God I am still around when I wake and to help my kids when I can and be there for my granddaughter and teach or show her new things.

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