Counting My Blessings

I’m sick today and running a fever.  Some yucky virus has got hold of me.  I was tempted just to sleep the day away but didn’t want to break my 3 1/2 year streak of weekly blog posts!

So I decided to just jot a few thoughts down for you.  When things aren’t going well or I’m under stress, I try to remind myself to count my blessings.  That always makes me feel better.

So what if I’m sick?  Well what’s so special about me, right?  Even doctors get sick sometimes.

I’m grateful for ibuprofen and Ricola cough drops.  Shaklee’s Defend and Resist.  My friend Elise’s bubbe’s amazing cure-all soup.  Friends like Donna who text to see how I’m feeling (lousy, but thanks for asking).

Most of all I’m grateful for the knowledge that this is only a bad viral bug and I will be on the mend in a few days.  Things could definitely be worse.

For those who haven’t been following, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in August and has been undergoing chemo.  She’s had a rough go of it with some complications.

Two weeks ago my mom had her mastectomy and then developed a bad wound infection, needing to be readmitted to the hospital for more treatment.

Even in this awful situation there is plenty to be grateful for.  My parents have a large community of close and loving friends in their small town.  (Dad jokes he has to buy a new freezer for all the food people keep bringing them.)

My sister and I are both in the medical field and we are both grateful for the excellent, compassionate care she has received from her doctors, nurses, and all the people involved in her care.

Most of all, we are grateful that she is still here with us, still fighting hard to get well.

I’m grateful for my husband and my boys who don’t bat an eye when I drop everything for a few days to spend time with my mom after her surgery.

I’m grateful for my office staff who also don’t bat an eye at the same absence.

I’m grateful for my faith that tells me not to worry, but to pray about everything and then be at peace.  (Philippians 4:6-7)

OK, St. Paul, that’s a tough one, but I’m working on it 🙂

QUESTION: What helps you when things aren’t going well?


8 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. I listen to music or old radio shows on Sirius radio, as it calms me down and takes my mind off whatever it is that’s driving me crazy…usually my husband! I also spend time with the dog or take a walk.

  2. i meditate, do my CEA program, CSI and GAP even when things are excellent – therefore my peace is never overwhelmed as it is unconditional.

  3. Hi Dr. Jen,
    Hope you are feeling better and that your mother is also. I am grateful for my wonderful husband, Jim and thank my blessing each day that I met him after being a widow for 7 years. He just accepted a new part-time position in aviation–the field he absolutely loves and we are both thankful tor this opportunity. Keep up the good work you do on your blogs–I save them all.

  4. Dr.Jen, soooo sorry that you are ill. We all think you are indestructible. I go to my Higher Power and I am too am blessed with a support group including dear friends. Thank you giving of yourself to help us.
    Prayers for you & your family

  5. Being grateful for all the people that help me including all my Dr’s .my husband,children,and my grandaughters who are always here to help me . It makes me feel safe.and loved.

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