3 thoughts on “Choosing A Network Marketing Company

  1. Dr. Jen, I wish I would have rad this before signing on with the company I did (upon the eagerness of my friend). My friend (who lives in Columbus) convinced me to join her team, which does direct sales for a reputable company. However, this is what I have discovered over the past month…..the division leader, who also resides in Columbus, has given me zero support. My team leader (in Columbus and one of my best friends) has given me slight support, but for the most part I feel I have been on my own to learn the business and get a starter party going (zero sales on the starter FB party my team leader organized. I feel she was not focused on my starter party because she was doing two other parties at the same time!) Overall, I feel like I am “out of sight-out of mind” with my team leader and division leader..Disappointed in the lack of support….thinking of trying to sign on with a local team in the same business…..Just wish I would have read this blog before I signed on to this….I would have signed up to do it differently , with better team support! But I am not giving upas I am going to try to make it work regardless! Thanks for the blog!

    • I’m so sorry for this experience Mary Grace! It’s wonderful having a proactive, supportive sponsor and even better being part of a motivated team!

      • I know it is disappointing and I am certainly not opposed to the home based business concept. I should not have gotten caught up in the excitement and should have gone with a team and company with more local support. As I have said, I am finding out that the long distance “training” is severely lacking and I feel so left on my own. No worries though, if at first I do not succeed, time to try another avenue! <3

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