Caution! Thoughts Create Reality

Many people believe that outside factors are in control of their life.  Their boss, their spouse, their parents, even their kids!  This week I am here to tell you that this is NOT true.  YOU are in control, even if you don’t believe it.  Your focus, your intention, your thoughts create your reality.

Before you decide Dr. Jen has gone around the bend, I should tell you that there is really fascinating research that proves that thought and intention really do influence reality.  Self, others, pets and even plants can be influenced by thought.

One very powerful form of thought and intention is prayer.  Religious people around the world believe that personal prayers can affect reality through the power of God or other divine beings.  There is proof that third-party prayer works to influence patients’ health.  AIDS patients and cardiac patients had better results when they were prayed for by people who didn’t know them.  The volunteers who prayed for the cardiac patients were ordinary people with no specific training beyond their personal religious background (the AIDS study used trained healers).  Neither group of patients knew they were being prayed for.

So what if you’re not religious?  That’s OK, there’s plenty of research that shows that non-religious thought and intention are effective too.  The people who developed the random number generator (basically a machine that simulated a coin toss using binary numbers) found that ordinary people could affect the RNG with their minds. This experiment (among others) is discussed in a book called The Field: The Quest For The Secret Force Of The Universe, by Lynne McTaggart which is available on

All right, so maybe people can use their minds to make a computer come up with more zeroes than ones.  What about living things?  Can you affect living things with your mind?

Sure.  There are numerous studies that show healing touch (which is basically the laying on of hands with benevolent intention – the intention to heal or make people feel better) is beneficial for premature infants, those in military service suffering from PTSD, cancer patients, those with high blood pressure, headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, arthritis.  (Too many articles to cite, if you want them let me know and I’ll forward the list.)

Now that you know how powerful your thoughts are, and how your thoughts create reality, you are responsible.  This is the part that is going to make some of you mad.

You have to control your thoughts.  For those who are more comfortable with a passive, victim mentality, you just lost your excuse.

Because I’ve got news for you.  You don’t have to believe it for it to be true.  Just like you don’t have to understand or believe in gravity for it to keep you on the skin of the world, you don’t have to BELIEVE in the power of your thoughts for them to shape your life.

There is no one to blame.  Your life is YOURS to shape however you choose.

So what do you do?

Look at your life.  Is it everything you want?  No?  What DO you want?  The first step to getting the life that you want is DECIDING what you want.

I don’t know about you, but when I want to learn something new I go read about it.  If you are the same way, you can start to learn about your power to shape your life by reading Rhonda Byrne’s book The Secret.  This one is also available from

Be ready.  You just might find your world will never be the same again.

QUESTION:  Have you had something happen that seemed to be a lucky coincidence but in retrospect might have happened just because you wanted it so badly?


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