3 Unusual Foods For Grilling

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  This is the official start of summer, and the official start of grilling season!  Sitting on the deck or patio while Mom or Dad presides over a glowing bed of coals, waiting impatiently for the charcoal-scented goodness to hit the picnic table.  Yummy!

With all the possiblities that balmy summer evenings have to offer, why would you limit yourself to hot dogs and hamburgers?  Here are a few ideas of foods to grill you might not have thought of before!

grilling1.  Pizza

Pizza is AWESOME on the grill!  You will have to shape your pizza crust to fit your grill, of course.  Have your toppings cooked before hand, and cook your crust solo.  Flip it so it’s evenly heated on both sides, then add your toppings and sprinkle on the cheese to hold it all together.  Close the grill to reflect heat back down on the top (rotating the crust every minute or so to prevent burning), finish cooking and melting the cheese, then serve and enjoy!

2.  Veggies

Sturdy veggies are the best for grilling.  Try cutting big pieces of bell pepper, Vidalia onion, zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato slices, and other firm vegetables.  Make shish kebab or put them in a grill basket to keep them from falling in the coals.

3.  Fruit

Grilled fruit is a wonderful summertime dessert.  Try pieces of pineapple, strawberries, sliced peaches, bananas, apple slices, and pears.  For a real treat try hot grilled fruit over a scoop of ice cream!

Just a word about food safety when grilling.  Be sure that food moves from the raw-food plate to the grill to the cooked-food plate.  NEVER put cooked food back on the plate that brought it out from the kitchen to the grill.

Be sure food is fully cooked before serving, and use a thermometer to check meats.  According to WebMD.com, temperature goals are as follows:


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