How Do You Get Started Blogging?

After “Should I write a blog?” the next question I usually hear is “How do you get started blogging?”  There are many ways to get started with blogging.  There is one important decision to make though, right at the outset.

First you must decide if there is any chance that at ANY time in the future you would like to be able to make money with your blog.  Are you completely opposed to the idea of earning an income from your blog?  Are you unable to conceive of any circumstance where you would change your mind?  If this is the case, you can use any of the hosted blogging sites like Blogger, Tumblr or

If at any time you can imagine wanting to earn an income from your blog, you should carefully read the terms and conditions of any blog hosting site you choose to use.  Some of them allow commercial use of the content on their site, but many do NOT allow it.  There is nothing more annoying than having to export your content from one site and try to upload it to another because you’re out of compliance with the T&C.

The best choice for a commercial blog (like mine) is a hosted WordPress blog.  I chose and registered my URL, chose a hosting service, downloaded and installed WordPress, and started customizing my blog.  Next came content, and the rest is history.

This sounds very complicated.  Really, it’s not.

When I decided I wanted to start blogging I researched it pretty thoroughly.  Then I decided, heck yes, I wanted to be able to use my blog for commercial purposes!  So I decided to go all the way and create, a website that belonged to me where I was in control of the content and how it was used.

When I want to learn something, I go find a book and read about it.  That’s my learning style.  So I found a few books that have been super-valuable in my blogging journey.

MLM, The Internet, And YOU

This ebook is well-written and practical.  Step-by-step instructions about how to build your blog are easy to follow.  I highly recommend it, it is a great investment.  Jackie Ulmer is a fantastic resource for those who are interested in internet marketing.

WordPress For Dummies

Could it get any more cliché?  Maybe not, but this is a great resource.

Now we’ve covered who should consider blogging and (briefly) how to get started.  Upcoming posts will discuss what to write about, how to connect with readers, how to find readers, creating a subscriber list, and how to market to your followers.